Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Dealing with Crises

Many times in our lives we will go through a difficult situation or crises, either individually or with the family. Sometimes crises can cause a person to become over whelemed and later depressed. yet in many cases there are ways in which of handeling the crises in order to over come it. I will list some of the negative ways people try to deal with crises, and then some positive

Placing blame- Sometimes when dealing with a crisis people try to figure out what the problem was and in doing so victimize someone or try to place blame on someone. This can happen if a lady has a miscarriage and others try to ask her if she wasn't being healthy or over exerted herself. This is a very negative way to deal with crises because it makes the person feel very alone and distraught.

Ignoring- Sometimes in the moment it is useful to try to ignore all the negative impacts that can come from the crises, but this is only effective temporarily. Because in the long term it is important to try to overcome the crises or to talk about your feelings.

Being in denial- Being in denial may help you cope temporarily but just with ignoring it is necessary to come to terms, express your feelings, rely on support and try to move on. This doesn't mean forgetting the pain, it means not letting it run your life.

Focusing on yourself- some people in crises resort to focusing on their own pain and distancing themselves from others who are also suffering. This causes everyone to suffer enormously whereas they could have turned to each other and relied on each other while helping each other through discussing their feelings.

Some positive ways to deal with crises

Draw closer together as a family- Through recognizing the difficulty of the situation and realizing that together the family is stronger, a family can turn to each other in their times of need and give and draw strength from each other.

focus on others- Focusing on others difficulties helps each person to recognize that they aren't the only one suffering and allows everyone to reach other and at the same time to be comforted. It also will help you feel comforted quicker by looking outside of yourself.

Redefining the crises- It can be very beneficial to discuss with your family or to decide to focus on what could have been positive about the experience. Also recognizing that although it is a difficulty that it can be overcome and that it is only temporary.

Trying to over come and move on/taking responsibility- In many cases a crises can be diminished by the way in which you handle the situation. There can be an increase in discussion of what to do to cope with the situation or to over come it.

Turning to the Lord- The Lord through the atonement can help us overcome difficulties. Through prayer we can recognize how much our Heavenly Father loves us and cares for us. This can help us see that sometimes there is a larger plan that He has for us. It can also help us see that the Lord can help us over come it.

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