Thursday, April 23, 2015

Starting off with Family Relations

Family Relations are so important and ultimately family is central to Heavenly father's plan for us. Many times there are people who lose sight of this great aspect of the Gospel or of their lives and try to find joy in other worldly tings. But ultimately the family is where they can experience the greatest satisfaction in ways of joy, love, care and concern for others.
I feel that there are many ways to strengthen families but many times we aren't sure of what these ways are.
Firstly I would say that one of the greatest ways to strengthen the families is to include God in your relationship. Whenever you as a couple are making a decision it must include Heavenly Father in order to fully be able to choose correctly a decision that can bless you the most.
What is wonderful is that we are all children of our loving Heavenly Father and therefore he wants to bless all of us, this includes our (future/present) children.
We should recognize as we raise children that they are ultimately His, and therefore with him being the perfect parent we should turn to him constantly in prayer for guidance to know how we can correctly teach our children,
The same principle can be related to relationships. If you truly love the Lord and the person you are with then you will try to put them first. When this is occurring there will naturally be more fulfilling relationships because they will be based on care and concern for the other.

I am excited to learn further about the importance of families and their interactions with each other, and learn how we might strengthen these important bonds.

Also I truthfully and completely believe that Heavenly Father wants to bless and strengthen families, and if we are desirous to make them work then He can bless us with added patience, love and faith necessary to have a blissful family life. There will be challenges but as we include the Lord and strove to be humble and show compassionate love then I believe we will ultimately have happy thriving families.